Schoenstatt Story

The Schoenstatt Story explained by Schoenstatt Scotland

Looking back over the fascinating and intriguing riches of a century of Schoenstatt we find our own story of Schoenstatt Scotland naturally appended to it, but our history is but half that length, telling an equally wonderful and  enriching story.

Schoenstatt Scotland was the first in Great Britain and those who have gone before us and are still working, attest to this richness of story and plentiful graces, flowing from the Shrine.  Having reached this stage in our development, over the last year, Schoenstatt Scotland has been going through a process of recognizing this story, and our new website and Facebook site attests to our growing together with our environment locale and country. Indeed, inscribed on the Bell in our Shrine is the inscription “ Let Scotland Flourish’.

In this we wish to thank the Blessed Trinity and Our Lady for all the rich blessings granted to the hundreds of thousands of individuals from her little Shrine over the years, from all nationalities. If you come to Schoenstatt today you will see our steady development and growth in action. Our broad range of focus and our dedication to the task.

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