Tabernacle & Monstrance


Occupying the most worthy space in the Shrine with the greatest honour accorded.  The placing and dignity associated with it is paramount. It is a secure repository for the Eucharist fostering adoration before the Lord, really present in the Blessed Sacrament of the altar.  When it is opened, the tabernacle reveals the Annunciation scene on the inside of the doors, the angel Gabriel on the left and Mary on the right.  Mary was the first tabernacle to bear Christ.


Founded in Medieval times for the public display of relics.  Today it s usually reserved for vessels used for hosts. The root is Latin from monstrare to show. In Latin also the term ostensorium  from ostendere  Lit. to show.  In Schoenstatt our monstrance is the symbol of the Mother’s Branch, so symbolising the first monstrance, Mary, Mother of Jesus. Carrying Christ over the hills to her cousin Elizabeth.  This monstrance has been decorated with ten stones from Iona, gathered during a retreat weekend.  Later amethysts were added.  The facets for the semi-precious jewels are made from the jewellery the mothers have donated.

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