Shrine Tour

The Shrine is a place of unique opportunity for us all.  Don’t be afraid to imitate Mary, for she is our model.  Let us be inspired to imitate her humility, her purity, her charity, her love of prayer and, above all, her love of her Son.  Honour her by showing confidence in her.’ 

‘Remember the words of St Bernard; ‘a true child of Mary will never perish.’

Shrine Tour:

The Spiritual source of the Schoenstatt Movement is the Shrine.  It has an integral part to play in the community’s spirituality and prayer life.  Since biblical times God has often used people and places to be near to us.  The Schoenstatt Shrine is such a place where people can come and experience the closeness of God.  The chapels at each centre are modeled on the original one at Schoenstatt in Germany.  The Scottish Shrine was built in 1989 and was the first to be built within the British Isles. To date there are over 200 such chapels in different centres throughout the world.

The Shrine is dedicated to Our Lady under the title of Our ‘Mother Thrice Admirable’ and offers three special qualities or graces to visitors and pilgrims: The grace of feeling at home and being accepted for what we are.  The grace of transformation, becoming renewed people according to God’s original plan for us, and apostolic fruitfulness.

Shrine Symbols:

The central image above the altar is that of Our Mother Thrice Admirable (MTA) holding the child Jesus.  The Original picture was presented to the movement by the Founding Generation at Schoenstatt Germany in 1915.  The Light Frame round the picture reads ‘Servus Maria Numquam Peribit’ (A Servant of Mary will never perish).

Stations of the Cross:

This Way of the Cross is inspired by the Stations of the Cross led by his Holiness Pope John Paul II. IN 1991, but has used this scriptural format with additional specially written material for the traditional Stations of the Cross to be found in the grounds of Schoenstatt.

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