Retreat Options

Spiritual, Mindfulness, Catholic Retreats in Scotland

Why not plan your retreat in line with our annual existing ‘Retreats Programme’ which is available by early February each year.  In doing so, you will be able to avail yourselves of a broader range of retreats going on in the Centre. Another option is to simply have a break away from your mobile, social media and television and this can really offer sound results if practiced often enough. Here you would utilize Schoenstatt as your base.  Yet another option is to go bed and breakfast with us and spend your day(s) going out and exploring the area, and the city of Glasgow and its great shopping, perhaps a trip to the Capital, Edinburgh, eating out and returning to us each evening, back into the peace and tranquility of Schoenstatt. The benefits of this may not appear obvious to some, but we can assure you they work.


If your idea of a break is spiritual growth, then base yourself here and utilize the Shrine.  There is an abundance of reading materials at the Centre published by Schoenstatt Scotland Press. Again if you wish, a trip to the City could take in, St. Andrew’s Cathedral, where there is a 1pm mass during the week, or a trip to the Museum. Glasgow has the St. Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art, described as the only public museum in the world devoted solely to this subject.  Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, is well -worth a visit.  It houses the Salvador Dali, ‘Christ of St. John on the Cross’, and the wonderful thing is that you can sit in front of it now it has been moved to its own area.  There is a recording you can hear on a loop also, in expiation of the painting, by the former archbishop of Glasgow, Archbishop Emeritus, Mario  Conti.

Silence, Mindfulness, Stillness & Meditation Retreats

You could even consider having your retreat in personal silence or if that is too much to consider form the outset, have one in stillness. Guidance can be given on both these options at the Centre.  Another good option on a spiritual growth retreat is to follow a strand of thought.  This is accomplished by reading and learning more about a specific topic while on retreat. You could check in with a retreat Director while at the Centre and choose a topic to focus on. Common topics include prayer, sin, the life of Christ, the Mother of God, Lectio-Divina, etc.

Contemplative Retreats

A contemplative break, for the more skilled in this area is a sound model also for a retreat.

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