Message and Mission of Schoenstatt. Edith Raidt (ed).




  • Soft backed book 214 pages. Edited by Professor Edith Raidt
  • 6th edn.
  • An academic text, beautifully written.
  • Several Images and illustrations.
  • A highly recommended text.
  • Reduced price to introduce this booklet for a short period. Catch it at the lower price if you can.
  • Contents: Introduction to the new edition 2009 Preface 1979.  What is Schoenstatt. The needs of our times.  God’s timely remedies. Belief in divine providence. Schoenstatt – a work of divine providence.  The Covenant in Salvation History. Schoenstatt’s Covenant of Love. The Mission of Mary. The Mission of Schoenstatt. Our Personal Mission.  Our cooperation – The Capital of Grace. The specific graces of Schoenstatt. Our personal ideal. Enlightened self-education I.  Enlightened self-education II. The special resolution. The spiritual daily order.  The Schoenstatt Shrine.  The Schoenstatt Movement.  Schoenstatt’s Founder.  + Appendices.
  • If you are looking for an enlightened read – this is for you!


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