In Covenant with the Blessed Trinity. Joseph Kentenich




  • Soft backed book 140 pages. Published by St. Pauls.
  • Foreword by Peter Wolf.
  • Contents: Foreword.
  • 1 Prayer at the dawn of the newest times.
  • 2 The Mystery of the Blessed Trinity. Eternally flowing love. Incomprehensible mystery. In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Gripped by the mystery of the Holy Trinity. God – an inescapable reality.
  • 3  Mary and the blessed Trinity. In faith, Yes to the Trinity. Relationship to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Related to the Triune God. A seat and vote in the Council of the Trinity.  instrument of the Triune God.
  • 4  Being Human in the light of the Trinity. In His image and likeness.  Image of the Triune God.  Living Church of the Trinity.  Worshiping God in the Shrine of our Hearts. The Meaning of holy Communion.  The Resplendent Dignity of Christians.  The New Person as Partner of the Trinity. Qualities characterising a Partner of the Trinity.
  • 5 Community in the Light of the Trinity. Family life in the Triune God.  The Family as a reflection of the Triune God.  Conjugal love as an Image of the Trinity.  Beyond individualism and collectivism. Relevance of the Trinitarian Message. Perspective of  a Trinitarian World Unity.
  • 6 Towards the Covenant of Love with the Triune God. Apostles of the Trinitarian Mystery.  Growth into the Trinity. Dynamics of the Covenant of Love with Mary. Mary as the vortex of the Trinity. Focussed on Infinity.  Fervent love for the Trinity through Mary.
  • 7 Our Church of the Blessed Trinity. Why a Church of the Blessed Trinity. Adoration of the Blessed Trinity. Schoenstatt as a  Living Church of the Trinity.


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