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Welcome to our Events Page where you can find out about all of the upcoming Events at Schoenstatt Glasgow Scotland. You can also click through to purchase and secure your place on our retreats via our online shop. 



  • Wed
    10.30-12.45Schoenstatt Scotland Retreat Centre

    Following on from last year's very successful series of mantra meditations.  This one is titled Coming into Contact with God's Spirit.  The retreat costs £8 per person and includes all of your beverages, all notes from the day and a sandwich luncheon.  If you have not been following the series, do not worry, there are new people attending every retreat in the programme who are able to follow everything we do without any problem.

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  • Tue
    10.30 - 13.30Schoenstatt Scotland Retreat Centre

    This is the second in the series of retreats in Contemplative photography taking you ever deeper into a reflective and contemplative mode of being.  A wonderful new retreat from Schoenstatt Scotland.

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  • Mon
    10.30am - 12.45Schoenstatt Scotland Retreat Centre

    A wonderful little introduction to the beauty and bliss of silence in the Christian life of the faithful. The cost of the Retreat is £8 per person and includes all beverages, all of the notes on the retreat and a sandwich luncheon.

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    Breaking into Silence


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