Honesty has no time for lying, cheating or a desire to succeed at any cost! An honest individual tries to do what is right, even if it goes against their advantage. It involves being truthful with yourself and recognizing your obligation to God and others.

Dishonesty is more widespread in our world than it should be. These are not just little white lies uttered to shield the feelings of those we like or love. We must view a range of answers to the question why be honest?

Well for a start, because God demands it of us in the eighth Commandment. Because it forms the foundation for all sincere human relationships. Without it, relationships quickly fragment and collapse through a lack of trust. dishonesty creates situations inviting, luring us even, to concoct subsequent lies to conceal the ones we have already spread, making bad situations much worse. Dishonest acts such as bribery, stealing, being fraudulent in our dealings, have high consequences affecting us all. If you are morally mature, you will think before acting. You will honestly evaluate situations, and consider the consequences of your actions for yourself and others. Your actions will be in accordance with your values.