Less than 6 minutes by car from Schoenstatt Scotland you can rise gently into the stunning beauty of the Fells. The images you see were all taken on the 18th November 2014 around 3:20pm. The Fells however are stunning in any weather and season. Guests from the oasis of Schoenstatt can really benefit in so many ways. The scenery around us is dramatic and spectacular, but the scenery just minutes away is stupendously beautiful. Returning to Schoenstatt after a drive in the Fells can really stir the heart and soul.  Schoenstatt is a favourite with hill and Fell walkers alike and those who simply enjoy a brief drive into absolute beauty and quiet.

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Schoenstatt Scotland is excellent for ‘Time Out’ breaks. Where guests staying in one or more of our 17 en-suite rooms following either no, or marginal religious input from a Spiritual Director, can completely relax and unwind on our 17 acre estate nestled in the Fells and can just ‘chill’ and take in the silence of the estate and the beauty of its gardens and walkways. You can also join an advertised retreat or request a bespoke retreat if you wish.

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Half of the rooms overlook the Fells and the others, the gardens. You are wrapped in nature, as the sound of water and birdsong envelop you when out and around. You can choose either from Bed and Breakfast, Half Board or Full Board stays, throughout the year, but our formal ‘TIME OUT BREAKS are all full board.’  Check out our Website and Facebook for fuller information.  

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There is an incredible beauty to God’s action on the world that nonetheless continues to amaze and enthral individuals who look upon it with refreshed eyes.  Here we can truly thank God for our blessings, and having seen them with renewed vigour we can never forget to recall these incomparable natural wonders around us and within us that add so much meaning thereafter to every moment of our lives. It is in retreat from the world we learn our place in it.

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Schoenstatt Scotland is an amazingly restful retreat from the everyday and the commonplace.  After a small period spent here you find it will naturally and effortlessly envelop you.  Let Schoenstatt and its surrounds swathe you in a carpet of living peace and serenity, for here; in the stillness of the place we can discern the fingerprint of God, who brought all things into existence.  For it is in these very places that we can discern God’s action in the world. Here we can find truth, unquestionable faith and balance for ourselves. May God open your eyes to His wonder and wisdom for it is all around us in His creation if we only remove the obstruction from our eyes, those of our daily chores and embattled lives even for a brief span of time, and enter the stillness and silence of His.

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